Photo by Cristian Baron
Written by Julie Yost | February 17, 2016

Place by Design Soars to New Heights with Southwest Airlines

We're excited to announce our new premier sponsor for Place by Design: Southwest Airlines. As Place by Design celebrates the positive impact and transformative potential of public space, we couldn't be happier to welcome this new partnership, which will help us to continue to grow this integral part of the...

Catalyze Your Ideas at SXSW Eco – Photo by Padurariu Alexandru
Written by Morgan Catalina | February 17, 2016

Transform Your Experience: Introducing the Catalyze Program

SXSW Eco is about connecting creative individuals who have the drive to influence social and environmental change. We recognize that conference networking can be arduous and sometimes awkward. It can be difficult to find the exact people you’re looking for, and it occupies time that you might rather spend participating...