Photos courtesy The Lowline Foundation
Written by Jordan Roberts | September 18, 2014

Place by Design Finalist - The Lowline on TED Talks

The 2014 Place by Design Finalist, The Lowline, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to converting an abandoned, historic trolley terminal in NYC’s Lower East Side into an extraordinary subterranean cultural amenity using cutting-edge green technology to illuminate the space. Watch co-founder and executive director, Dan Barasch, discuss the project at...

Chromatic Confluence by Thoughtbarn
Written by Julie Yost | March 25, 2014

Apply Now to Place by Design

Public space design is a hugely important part of making our cities and communities livable and (as a result) ultimately more sustainable. Once the realm of professional designers, public spaces have been transformed over the past decades by artists, community groups and unlikely candidates through a new trend of citizen-spurred...