Photos courtesy The Lowline Foundation
Written by Jordan Roberts | September 18, 2014

Place by Design Finalist - The Lowline on TED Talks

The 2014 Place by Design Finalist, The Lowline, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to converting an abandoned, historic trolley terminal in NYC’s Lower East Side into an extraordinary subterranean cultural amenity using cutting-edge green technology to illuminate the space. Watch co-founder and executive director, Dan Barasch, discuss the project at...

Chromatic Confluence by Thoughtbarn
Written by Julie Yost | March 25, 2014

Apply Now to Place by Design

Public space design is a hugely important part of making our cities and communities livable and (as a result) ultimately more sustainable. Once the realm of professional designers, public spaces have been transformed over the past decades by artists, community groups and unlikely candidates through a new trend of citizen-spurred...

The Looper | 2013 Global Potential Winner
Written by Julie Yost | February 17, 2014

Transform Public Space through Place by Design

Applications are now open for Place by Design, the SXSW Eco public space design competition. Place by Design celebrates the emerging global trend of placemaking, or the act of community-based design, and showcases the work of designers, artists, architects and citizen activists that envision how their everyday places...