Photo by Mikael Kristenson
Written by Julie Yost | June 19, 2015

Top Five Reasons to Apply to Place by Design

Good, creative places have an economic, environmental and social impact that is becoming clearer all the time. Research is emerging that the design of the places we live affects every aspect of human existence, from physical health to community engagement. Place by Design recognizes emerging ideas that transform places...

Photos courtesy The Lowline Foundation
Written by Jordan Roberts | September 18, 2014

Place by Design Finalist - The Lowline on TED Talks

The 2014 Place by Design Finalist, The Lowline, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to converting an abandoned, historic trolley terminal in NYC’s Lower East Side into an extraordinary subterranean cultural amenity using cutting-edge green technology to illuminate the space. Watch co-founder and executive director, Dan Barasch, discuss the project at...