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Written by Lorena Burgess | July 2, 2014

Session Spotlight: How Simple EV Charging Future-Proofs our Cities

As the world maneuvers through a critical juncture in energy and utilities, planning ahead has become critical and increasingly unavoidable. With the fast-paced growth of electric vehicles in the United States, drivers have discovered new challenges to address as we see more EVs on the road. Now more than ever,...

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Written by Lorena Burgess | June 27, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio Pledges to Donate to Ocean Conservation Projects

What do Leonardo DiCaprio and SXSW Eco both have in common? We both care about the ocean!

At the State Department’s “Our Ocean” conference in D.C. earlier this month, superstar actor Leonardo DiCaprio pledged that his eponymous foundation would donate $7 million to ocean conservation projects......