Congratulations to the 2015 SXSW Eco Startup Showcase Finalists! These companies were selected from hundreds of applicants from around the world by our Application Review Board, an international group of leading investment professionals. Watch these companies compete in front of our Judges at SXSW Eco this October. Winners of the Startup Showcase competition will be announced live at the SXSW Eco Awards.

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Internet of Things + Software

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Social Impact

Supply Chain + Product Innovation


2015 Energy Winner:

Yan Engines

Yan Engines | Austin, TX

D-Cycle, making your car's engine more efficient

YAN is bringing to market a more fuel efficient engine retrofit technology, D-Cycle, that in testing has shown substantial improvement in both fuel economy and performance improvement.

2015 Energy Finalists:

Callida Energy

Callida Energy | New York, NY

Reinventing the way buildings work for you

Callida's learning software solution reduces energy costs and carbon emissions while meeting occupant comfort goals.


CO2AL, LLC | Houston, TX

The end of industrial air pollution

CO2AL's patented Bridge Process eliminates and recycles air pollutants, GHGs and VOCs while capturing particulate matter and heavy metals.


ConnectMyEV | Fremont, CA

Bringing power to electric vehicles

Introducing the world’s smartest charger for electric vehicles. Simply park and walk away. ConnectMyEV will connect, charge and save.


Go Electric | Anderson, IN

Accelerating a renewable energy future

Go Electric's LYNC DR provides secure efficient power to facilities and grid stabilizing services to utilities.


Innosys | Salt Lake City, UT

Experience intelligent lighting

InnoSys' Intelligent Lumens (iLumens) combines LED technology with plug-and-play installation, Constant Lumens brightness, and two-way communication.


Quanta3 | Longmont, CO

Sensing the air around us

Quanta3 is a startup at the forefront of innovating cost effective and high precision laser sensors for the mitigation of fugitive methane emissions.

Sustainable Power Systems

Sustainable Power Systems, Inc. | Boulder, CO

Innovation in microgrid automation

SPS has developed the Universal Microgrid Controller®, a uniquely versatile drop-in solution for the rapidly growing commercial and industrial facility microgrid market.

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2015 International Winner:


Wirewatt | Monterrey, Mexico

Connecting capital to residential solar

Wirewatt is a fast growing startup redefining the traditional utility model in Mexico by providing solar leases to residential customers with capital from institutional funds.

2015 International Finalists:

Bee Smart

Bee Smart Technologies | Sofia, Bulgaria

Saving honeybees through technology

A data company utilizing sensor technology to create a real time medical record for any bee colony. We aggregate all bee data to get a profile of future agricultural output.


bim.bon | Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Digital tools for a less painful building process

bim.bon provides technologies for a less boring and more efficient building process — from a free online service to calculate construction budgets to prefab smart homes.


Boond Engineering & Development | Delihi, India

Clean energy for all — one roof at a time

Boond provides clean solar energy access with innovative financial models and customized solutions in South Asia.


Meazon | Patras, Greece

Meaningful energy management — Anytime, anywhere.

Meazon drives significant energy savings by designing and manufacturing revolutionarily small energy meters at scale and integrating them with cloud technology.


PiggyBaggy | Helsinki, Finland

Ridesharing of goods & Spotify of community services

Coreorient revolutionizes consumer goods transport with the PiggyBaggy ridesharing service and the 24/7 smart container platform providing community services.

Strawberry Energy

Strawberry Energy | Belgrade, Serbia

Enhancing public awareness of public spaces.

Developing smart solar powered street furniture to enhance people’s experience in public spaces and provide them with energy, connectivity and relevant local info on the go.


Upside Energy | Northwich, United Kingdom

We pay people to not use energy.

We operate a cloud service that coordinates energy stored in batteries and other systems to create a “virtual energy store” that we use to sell balancing services to the grid.

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2015 Internet of Things + Software Winner:


GridCure | San Francisco, CA

Smart grids, big data, SaaS, Utility Companies

GridCure is the smart grid optimization platform. We provide data analysis for utility companies to take full advantage of all the data their networks are generating.

2015 Internet of Things + Software Finalists:

Bractlet logo

Bractlet | Austin, TX

Insightful energy solutions

Bractlet drives commercial building energy efficiency through a detailed, accurate, and predictive understanding of building energy use, down to the equipment-level.

Chai Energy

Chai Energy | Los Angeles, CA

Know your home, know you power

Chai provides electric utility customers with the tools and information needed to create smarter and more sustainable homes.

Kakaxi logo

Kakaxi | Austin, TX

Know your food from soil to table

Breaking from the modern perception of food as a commodity, the KAKAXI project connects farmers with consumers to bring the story behind our food to the table.


PARKNAV | San Francisco, CA

Street parking reinvented

Parknav uses proprietary, partnership, historical and crowd-sourced data to calculate where you will find open free, metered and permit on-street parking in real-time.


SPOT | Boston, MA


SPOT is a peer-to-peer marketplace for private, off-street parking. We enable individuals and businesses to easily monetize their empty or underutilized spaces.

Velo Labs logo

Velo Labs | San Francisco, CA

Building technology for Smart Cities.

Through a combination of connected hardware and a secure bike-share app, our system provides the most convenient, and low cost way for people to commute.

WigWag logo

WigWag | Austin, TX

Automatic starts here

WigWag bridges routing and automation, transforming the physical world into a programmable platform, making connected devices more efficient, manageable, secure and automatic.

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2015 Reuse + Recycling Winner:

Full Cycle Bioplastics logo

Full Cycle Bioplastics | San Francisco, CA

Transforming waste into plastic

FCB uses a biotechnology process to convert difficult to recycle organic waste streams into high performance biodegradable plastics.

2015 Reuse + Recycling Finalists:

AMP Robotics logo

AMP Robotics | Boulder, CO

Robotics for recycling

Leveraging state-of-the art robotics for waste management, AMP creates autonomous systems that transform the economics of recycling.

Connora Technologies, Inc. logo

Connora Technologies, Inc. | Hayward, CA

Materials reimagined

Design for the future. Connora is enabling the next generation of performance composites and adhesives to be recyclable for the first time.


eCycling USA | Vienna, VA

Urban mining and job creation

eCyclingUSA specializes in design and implementation of turnkey eWaste Materials Reclamation Centers.

Redeuces logo

Redeuces | Austin, TX

Creative waste solutions

Redeuces focuses on solving waste problems. Our team is dedicated to finding innovative ways to divert materials away from landfills.

The ReWall Company logo

The ReWall Company | Des Moines, IA

Upcycling cartons into healthy building materials

ReWall takes a hard to recycle composite material, cartons, and upcycles them into durable, moisture and mold resistant composite panels, using zero water, chemicals or glues.

RoadRunner Recycling

RoadRunner Recycling | New York, NY

Smarter recycling

RoadRunner aims to value-engineer the way we recycle. Our logistics align sustainability goals with business goals to devise the most efficient recycling solution available.


Stuffstr | Seattle, WA

Make stuff matter

Be mindful of the stuff you love, just use, or can let go of using Stuffstr’s App. Make stuff matter, for a happier you and a healthier planet.


Alkemy Environmental logo

Alkemy Environmental | Boston, MA
Environmental sustainability through innovation

Alkemy Environmental converts industrial waste streams into environmentally friendly building materials.

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2015 Social Impact Winner:

Sisu Global Health logo

Sisu Global Health | Baltimore, MD

Medical devices to address global health problems

Sisu is a medical device company for emerging markets. They are currently launching Hemafuse, a surgical tool to recycle a person's own blood from internal bleeding.

2015 Social Impact Finalists:

BeTH logo

BeTH | Woburn, MA

Enabling custom fit without custom fabrication

Novel Human-Device Interfaces for improved, comfort, mobility and health. Our first product reduces socket pain for leg amputees and delivers provider savings.

Charity Checkin

CharityCheckin | Spokane, WA

What's YOUR personal cause?

Everyone has a personal cause. CharityCheckin helps raise money & awareness for a user's chosen charities with a simple check-in at any retailer.

GuideOn logo

GuideOn | Oakland, CA

Creating career opportunities for our veterans

GuideOn is a military veteran talent acquisition platform combining data and behavioral social sciences and proven research methods to map military skills to civilian skills.

NeoLight logo

NeoLight | Scottsdale, AZ

A little light that goes a long way!

NeoLight is a lean medical device company developing disruptive technology to treat Jaundice, a life-threatening condition that occurs in 6 out of 10 babies globally.

Qorax logo

Qorax | Hargeisa, Somaliland + Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Electricity for the overlooked

Qorax is a solar asset financing and distribution company. We unlock vital electricity access for communities in post-conflict countries.

Stower logo

Stower | San Francisco, CA

Personal, reliable energy

Stower makes smart energy hardware to provide affordable wireless electricity services. With entry in phone charging, Stower uses mobile to decrease entry and O&M costs.

Well DoneTech logo

WellDone | San Francisco, CA

Connected sensors for quantified impact

WellDone is a hybrid social enterprise building customized connected sensor electronics for water technology products and to improve sustanable access to clean drinking water.


Hydrobee logo

Hydrobee | Seattle, WA

Your personal renewable energy system

The award-winning Hydrobee renewable power system uses any energy in nature to recharge your USB phones, lights and devices.

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2015 Supply Chain + Product Innovation Winner:

Cotyledon Consulting logo

Cotyledon Consulting | Victoria, B.C., Canada

Saving the world from invasive and noxious weeds

For farms, cities and parks Stem Shock is an RNAi based programmable herbicide platform that protects biodiversity by killing only the target weeds.

2015 Supply Chain + Product Innovation Finalists:

Aeroclay logo

Aeroclay | Austin, TX

Frozen dirt

AeroClay creates advanced lightweight materials and intelligently designed solutions in open collaboration with like-minded people to empower the earth to heal itself.


Bioserie | Hong Kong, China

100% biobased baby toys made from plants

World’s first USDA certified 100% biobased bioplastic baby toys, made from annually renewable plant resources. Earth friendly, safe for babies and convenient for parents.

Carbon Analytics LTD logo

Carbon Analytics LTD | London, UK

Every business can be a green business

Carbon, water and social impact measurement delivered on top of financial data - enabling new tools like small business self-assessment, real-time impact accounting, and more.

Carbon Bamboo L3C logo

Carbon Bamboo L3C | Austin, Texas

Elemental products and solutions

A partner promoting the education and use of bamboo in charcoal production, transferring clean technology methods that help create sustainable sources of economic growth.

Living Ink

Living Ink | Denver, CO

Transforming algae into ink

Living Ink has passion for using algae to make safer, cheaper, more renewable inks.

Mallinda logo

Mallinda | Aurora, CO

Reshaping the plastics industry

Mallinda makes the first fully recyclable carbon fiber advanced composites that can be molded and reshaped at mild temperatures.

Nature Inspired Industries logo

Nature Inspired Industries | San Francisco, CA

New composite materials

Developed new composite materials based on biomimetic designs to significantly reduce the energy consumption in the automotive and aerospace industries.


Revolar logo

Revolar | Denver, CO

Personalizing Personal Safety

The world’s smartest personal safety device! Connect to your loved ones in your moment of need.

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2015 Water Winner:


SeaChange Technologies | Raleigh, NC

Sustainable desalination

We are developing the most energy-efficient and environment-friendly desalination systems.

2015 Water Finalists:


Cerahelix | Orono, ME

A new twist in filtration

Cerahelix combines DNA biotechnology and ceramic chemistry to create the next generation filter. We provide a water recycling solution for challenging process conditions.


Dropcountr | Redwood City, CA

Making water personal

How much water do you use? Dropcountr data analytics and mobile apps not only show you, but empower you to use what you should. Have a leak? Get notified fast on your mobile.


Effluent Free Desalination | Sacramento, CA

Environment friendly desalination

EFD Corp technology separates salt water into distilled water and salt crystals reliably and economically. It produces NO brine.

Flo Technologies

Flō Technologies | Los Angeles, CA

The proactive home water control system

Flō is a first of its kind and proprietary water control system for homes and buildings that virtually eliminates flooding, saves billions and empowers conservation.


OndaVia | Hayward, CA

Definitive results. Decisive actions.

Fast, accurate water analysis increases yields, reduces costs and improves safety. OndaVia’s products offer real-time, trace-level results in an easy-to-use, portable system.

Recycled Hydro Solutions

Recycled Hydro Solutions | Rogers, AR

Smart products that reduce water usage.

Recycled Hydro Solutions designs and manufactures water conscious devices that help mitigate the stress on our most precious resource, water.

Water Lens

Water Lens | Houston, TX

Taking the chemist out of chemistry

The Water Lens system provides real time analysis of oilfield waters that enables operators to cost-effectively recycle water, reduce formation damage and increase production.

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