SXSW Eco Team - Neil Minocha
Account Executive

As Account Executive, Neil Minocha creates, packages, markets and produces sponsorship assets and events for SXSW Eco and SXSW. He develops new partnerships and maintains existing relationships with SXSW clients. Specifically, Neil aims to help brands from startups to large corporations reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.

Neil is a graduate of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. During college, he became interested in animal behavior and was a research assistant in the behavioral marine laboratory where he performed experiments on cuttlefish to determine their ability to learn reward-based reasoning. His work in the lab was featured on the national PBS program “Nova” (which unfortunately, can still be located on Google).

Before coming to SXSW Eco, Neil was the Senior Sales and Training Director for several years at TRC Consultants, an oil and gas software company in Austin, Texas. In this role, he consulted with and trained clients, both nationally and abroad, on how to use decline-curve analysis software to help model economic sensitivities and reserve forecasting for oil and gas fields. Although he enjoyed the opportunity to build relationships with everyone from CEOs to petroleum engineers and technicians, he felt a strong pull to establish a career in a field that was not only professionally fulfilling, but one that aligned with his personal interests in the technologies and social changes that drive economic and environmental progress.

When such an opportunity arose at SXSW Eco, he jumped at the chance to continue helping businesses meet their goals while promoting transformative products, technologies and ideas that simply put, could make the world a better place.