SXSW Eco Team - Julie Yost
Design Curator + Creative Strategist


Julie Yost is the Design Program Curator and award-winning* Head of GIFs at SXSW Eco. She created Place by Design for SXSW Eco 2013, and currently oversees the competition and all related programming. Her goal is to make SXSW Eco a destination for creative urbanists, and she is continually plotting strategies to engage and connect our multi-disciplinary community. She has a MFA in Historic Preservation from SCAD, where her award-winning** thesis proposed creative placemaking and public art as methods of cultural preservation in areas where the historic built environment is compromised. A fifth generation Texan, she misspent her award-winning*** youth trespassing in and photographing abandoned west Texas, an ongoing pastime that likely sparked her obsession with places and their potential. She has an award-winning**** pitbull with no eyes, a pitbull with two eyes and a miniature dachshund who looks even funnier in that context.

*Head of GIFs 2015 SXSW Eco Award, as designated by Exec. Producer Morgan Catalina
**Best Departmental Thesis Award, as designated by SCAD Historic Preservation Faculty
***Those Beethoven and Bach busts you got at piano recitals, as designated by Mrs. Dwyer
****Cutest Dog in the World Award, as designated by Julie Yost