PanelPicker FAQ

How does it Work?

PanelPicker kicks off with a two month-long entry window on February 11th, where the community is invited to submit the innovative session ideas they would like to be considered for SXSW Eco 2014. After the application window closes, the community is welcomed back to review the ideas that have been submitted and vote on what they hope to see at the event in October. The final decision is derived from the input of the SXSW Eco Advisory Board (40%), community voting (30%) and staff (30%).

To submit your idea in PanelPicker, you will need to log in, fill out a digital proposal and submit online. The PanelPicker interface allows you to save and continue as you work through each step of submitting your session idea. Be sure to look out for the question-mark icons that help guide you through the form, and please read the FAQ before beginning your submission process.

What are we looking for?

  • Content that inspires action and provides the tools and best practices to drive solutions.
  • Diversity in perspective, opinion and representation ensure a well-attended session.
  • Don’t advertise! Self-promotional and advertorial presentations are not well received by attendees.
  • Be certain you’ll be able to deliver on the content and the speakers you promise in your proposal.

4 Ways to Fine Tune Your PanelPicker Proposal

  1. Title and Meta Choose a concise session title that best represents your topic. Be mindful of the level, intended audience and tags that further clarify your idea.
  2. Description and Questions Summarize what your session presentation will address and identify the insightful questions that your session will answer.
  3. Resources Complement your proposed topic with videos and visual aids that will enable the community to better understand your session idea.
  4. Organizer and Speaker(s) Identify the session organizer and highlight the diverse qualities of the speaker(s) lending their expertise to the proposed session.