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Voting Period — May 11-25 (Deadline Extended)

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We’ve received hundreds of session ideas from some of the most innovative and influential in their field. Now you have the opportunity to help curate our programming by grading submissions in our PanelPicker app. This is your chance for a sneak peek of our programming, view those awesome session ideas that you may not have access to otherwise and spark an interest in an unexplored topic. We encourage you to take a bit of time to review these session ideas and hope you take away valuable knowledge from the experience!

How does it work?

Login or Create an account in PanelPicker.
Read through intriguing session ideas and get inspired to change the world.
Give the sessions a "Thumbs Up" or "Thumbs Down," leave some comments and submit your evaluations.
Spread the word - Feel free to promote your favorite submissions and get people in on the conversation.

What are we looking for?

  • Content that inspires, educates and informs, providing motivation as well as the tools and best practices to take action
  • Diversity in perspective, opinion and representation
  • Don’t advertise! Self-promotion and advertorial presentations are not well received by attendees
  • Be certain you’ll be able to deliver on the content and the speakers you promise in your proposal. You will be required to enter a significant amount of information about your proposed speakers, so be sure you have their consent in advance of your submission

Content Types:

SXSW Eco accepts ideas for an array of standard content types, including panels, workshops, debates, mentor sessions and meetups.

PanelPicker Categories

PanelPicker offers the option to submit ideas in a variety of categories and also includes an Other option for all of your outside-of-the-box ideas.

2015 Categories: Architecture + The Built Environment, Art + Design, Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy, Entrepreneurialism + Business, Future of Science + Space, Government + Policy, Marketing + Communications, Population + Global Health, Smart Cities + Transportation, Supply Chain + Product Innovation, Water + Resources, Other

Past Sessions

Since launching in 2011, SXSW Eco has featured over 1000 speakers from all over the world. Listen to past SXSW Eco sessions on SoundCloud and watch Keynotes and Featured Speaker videos on our YouTube channel.

Photo by David Weaver