"It was a joy and an honor to participate in SXSW Eco 2015. The minute I stepped into the hall, the passion and energy was striking, and there was a sense that no problem is too big to solve."
- James Redford, Filmmaker

The SXSW Eco program celebrates innovative business, design and technology driving social and environmental progress.

At SXSW, we believe in the power of events to advance ideas. SXSW Eco is designed to inform, inspire and connect the 2,000 business leaders, designers, policy makers and innovators that convene in Austin each fall. Our dynamic content highlights breakthrough ideas and new ways of addressing critical challenges at local and global levels. How can we confront rapid urbanization and feed the growing population, while protecting our natural resources and powering our world? What role can arts, entrepreneurship, design thinking and creativity play in these complex systems? The SXSW Eco program highlights solutions from corporations, cities, startups, policy makers, designers and communication experts. We tackle these issues through a mix of sessions, workshops, competitions, networking events, mentor sessions and interactive, collaborative activities. All events are designed to foster interdisciplinary relationships, teach tangible skills and introduce breakthrough initiatives.

To get involved, explore our current sessions, Place by Design, Startup Showcase, or get in touch with us about any other creative ideas.



Programming Formats


Sessions at SXSW Eco feature perspectives from rising stars as well as industry leaders and range in format from solo talks to panel discussions and debates.


These expanded sessions center on clearly defined goals and impart attendees with specific skills and strategies through hands on training.


Labs are intimate, guided discussions for small groups and are designed to build working relationships among industry peers and build a forum to share knowledge and best practices.


Attendees have the opportunity to meet with experts in design, marketing, branding, accounting and more at our 1-on-1 mentoring events.


These speed dating style events allow attendees to pitch their businesses and ideas to individuals and groups with the ability to support their projects.


Our competitions, Startup Showcase and Place by Design, offer attendees the opportunity to discover the newest innovations in technology and design.


SXSW Eco programs a combination of full length films at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz and a shorts program in the Austin Convention Center. See the 2016 films here.