2015 SXSW Eco Place by Design Winner, Bryce Detroit at Mothership Launch - Photo by Kirk Donaldson

SXSW Eco’s Place by Design competition celebrates innovative design work that transforms the built environment for positive economic, environmental and social impact. The visionary projects showcased in Place by Design demonstrate the potential for public space to cultivate and revive localized culture and to profoundly affect many aspects of society, from civic engagement to environmental adaptation to public health. In addition to the PXD competition, the accompanying program features workshops, coaching sessions and a variety of opportunities intended to further the field of place-based design and foster connections between attendees. Applications will open when our season launches in early 2016.

Place by Design 2015 Winners

Art + Interaction: The Mothership presented by Anya Sirota and Bryce Detroit

Data + Tech: Cyark 500 presented by Elizabeth Lee | Pure Tension Pavilion presented by Alvin Huang

Resilience: The Redd on Salmon presented by Nathan Kadish

Social Impact: RAPIDO presented by Elaine Morales

Urban Strategy: HOMEGR/OWN presented by Tim McCollow and Carolyn Esswein

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2016 Categories for Entry

Art + Interaction
Creative work that beautifies, raises awareness and transforms the way viewers perceive and interact with public space.

Data + Tech
Innovative designs that utilize data and emerging technology to connect people and place and generate impact.

Ideas, structures and initiatives that surpass sustainability to contribute to a more adaptive, resilient world.

Buildings and infrastructure that transform and adapt the existing built environment through inspired planning and design.

Social Impact
Creative design projects and processes that serve community and are instrumental in creating a more equitable world.

Speculative and Prototyping
Conceptual work envisioned to improve public space and transform the built environment; projects in planning.

Urban Strategy
Projects demonstrating impact achieved through unexpected public/private partnerships and creative approaches to planning.

Contact: Julie Yost | julieyost@sxsw.com

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Photo: 2015 SXSW Eco Place by Design Winner, Bryce Detroit at Mothership Launch in One Mile district of Detroit, MI - by Kirk Donaldson