Written by Ari Roth | January 20, 2017

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

SXSW Eco Weekly Newscap

SXSW Eco Weekly Newscap covers relevant headlines and stories around the world that are related to our programming or that we find interesting or relatable to our audience.

Check out this past week's news as President Trump's energy plans come to light, climate scientists urge action, and SXSW Eco 2016 Keynote, William McDonough receives Fortune's Award for Circular Economy Leadership.

Week of January 20, 2016

Trump’s new energy plan doesn’t add up.

Triple Pundit
General Motors Rakes in Revenues From Recycling

Huffington Post
Climate Scientists Have An Urgent Message For Donald Trump

Long Read of the Week:

3p Weekend: Designing for the Circular Economy

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