Written by Julie Yost | February 20, 2017

Bill Nye - Photo by Dylan O'Connor

Many of our speakers and participants who made 2016's SXSW Eco such a creative and stellar event are coming back to Austin for SXSW next month. Join us and reconnect with these designers and innovators who are reshaping society to be more responsible and impactful.

  • Remixing Architecture with Hip Hop Culture SXSW Eco Keynote Michael Ford, the Hip Hop Architect, joins this panel to discuss his work and ongoing partnership between Autodesk and the Universal Hip Hop Museum.

  • Design as Protest: The Design Justice Platform SXSW Keynote Bryan C. Lee Jr returns to SXSW for a workshop at the SXSW Eco Social Good Hub around the design justice platform he unveiled at SXSW Eco.

  • Using Design & Tech to Create a Healthy Community Place by Design Finalist Jennifer Chenoweth, artist behind the XYZ Atlas, returns to SXSW to show her work and talk about the connection between public health, emotions and the built environment.

  • A #)$%(*% Crisis: Training the Newest Gen of Docs Place by Design Juror Dr. Bon Ku joins this session in the Health and Medtech track to discuss his transformative design thinking program for medical students.

  • Empathy Building for Innovation SXSW Eco favorite Sarah Morris of Microsoft's Inclusive Design team joins us at the Social Good Hub session for a workshop on empathy-building.

  • Using Lean Data to Measure Impact Alexandria Lafci and Emma Lalley from New Story Charity join us at the Hub along with Acumen for a look at how data can advance your organization's impact and story.

  • Humanitarian Design In Action Oliver Blank, a longtime SXSW Eco advisor, remixes our Humanitarian Design Summit for SXSW.

  • Sci-Fi by Design: The Speculative Revolution SXSW Eco workshop facilitator Phil Balagtas moderates this session on the real-world impacts of speculative design.

  • Standing Rock Awakens the World Jade Begay, Clayton Thomas Muller, and fellow influential water protectors return to SXSW to tell their stories and give updates on the ongoing struggles at Standing Rock and in other pipeline battles.

  • Bill Nye: Science Guy SXSW Film Festival showcases a feature documentary on SXSW Eco's Closing Keynote (and everyone's favorite science communicator) Bill Nye.

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