Written by Julie Yost | December 13, 2016

Looking back on this year's Place by Design program, I'm still in awe at the creativity and diversity that we showcased at this year's SXSW Eco. Place by Design brought together artists, architects, entrepreneurs, designers and community organizers. Our Finalists presented work transforming urban centers, vacant lots, waterways, and rural communities. Their work revealed the connection between place and human health, civic engagement, climate change and culture. Defining the scope, intent and impact of a design project in four short minutes is a difficult process, and our Finalists met the challenge and then some.

What makes PXD such a challenge for participants, makes it a benefit for viewers. In eight minutes, you can gain an introduction to a global array of fascinating design work. Learn the connection between place and giant inflatables, hip hop, social equity and so much more. You can be taken to an Indigenous community in Porcupine, South Dakota that's creating a regenerative ecosystem of opportunity; hear how an entrepreneur is redesigning what happens after death in Seattle; and see how a single artist's vision for honoring the African-American diasporic legacy has turned a vacant lot into a monument and museum in Detroit. There is inspiration to be found in every presentation, I encourage you to take the time to discover each one. Click on the upper left corner of the video above to see the full playlist.

Place by Design is an introduction to the pivotal influence design wields in improving our communities and cities, affecting change that scales. I hope the above presentations inspire viewers to learn more about the work of PXD's incredible Finalists. Community-centered design work is an ongoing process, and their work continues to evolve and grow in new and exciting ways.

Special thanks to our premier Place by Design sponsor Southwest Airlines who made our 2016 program possible.

We regret that some of the above videos suffer from problems with onsite audio capture due to human error. The content is definitely worth watching.

Teaser photo by Mireya Salinas