Written by Julie Yost | September 28, 2016

Michael Ford, Bryan Lee, Zack Greenburg at SXSW Eco
We're excited to announce our Wednesday Keynote conversation with Michael Ford, Bryan Lee, Jr., and Zack O'Malley Greenburg: Designing a Just City: Hip Hop Architecture.

The design of our cities has a profound impact on health, behavior, civic engagement and so much more. Designer Michael Ford has spent years studying the connection between the built environment and Hip Hop culture, from the Bronx housing projects of Robert Moses reaching all the way back to Le Corbusier. He's now leading the design of the Bronx's Universal Hip Hop Museum, which is reclaiming a historic Bronx Courthouse, transforming a place of community anguish into a place of pride. Joining Mike are Design Justice advocate Bryan Lee Jr and Forbes Media Editor Zack O'Malley Greenburg for a unique conversation exploring design and social equity, framed through the lens of Hip Hop.

Hip Hop is a resourceful, bottom-up culture formed in places whose designs (now broadly considered failures), served to oppress and disenfranchise the communities of color occupying them. In many ways, the development of Hip Hop and accompanying activities such as graffiti and breakdancing were revolutionary acts of reclaiming public spaces. This history relates directly to human-centered design practices and social equity issues important to the SXSW Eco audience. As Mike and Bryan continue the development of the Universal Hip Hop Museum, they're conducting community design charettes called Cyphers to engage Hip Hop communities across the country in designing and developing the exhibitions for the Museum.

Don't miss this inspiring conversation with designers who are bridging the divide between communities traditionally underserved by the architecture and design fields. Mike, Bryan and Zack join a lineup of fascinating SXSW Eco Keynote speakers including Bill Nye, William McDonough, Dr. Sarah Richardson, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Kate Brandt. Register now to participate in three days of compelling Keynotes, sessions and special events.

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