Written by Julie Yost | March 10, 2014

Forest by Hadi Zaher

We are proud to announce our continuing support of Rainforest Partnership and their instrumental work in protecting our tropical rainforests. Rainforest Partnership is an international non-profit organization with Austin roots and a global reach.

By partnering with rainforest communities in Latin America, Rainforest Partnership has become a leader in developing sustainable economic alternatives to deforestation. Rainforest Partnership works closely with indigenous communities to develop sustainable income-generating activities, making it more profitable for rainforest communities to leave the forests standing.

To date Rainforest Partnership has created sustainable income sources in Ecuador and Peru based on ecotourism and artisan products. Most recently, Rainforest Partnership’s work with women artisans in Sani Isla, Ecuador has empowered them to create a business and have a voice in protecting their indigenous owned land against destructive petroleum extraction.

SXSW has supported Rainforest Partnership by hosting its Films for the Forest event as part of the SXSW Film Community Screenings. Films for the Forest is an annual international short film challenge created by Rainforest Partnership to raise awareness about the importance of forests using the transcendent and powerful medium of film. Tonight's screening is at SX Satellite Marchesa from 7 to 9 pm preceded by a reception at 6 pm. Winning films were submitted from around the world, and judged by celebrity judges including oscar nominated director Rick Linklater who has been a Films for the Forest judge since its inception.

Rainforest Partnership also plays an advisory role for SXSW Eco.

Help us and Rainforest Partnership help rainforest communities protect their forests. What happens there affects us all everywhere.

For more information visit www.RainforestPartnership.org and www.FilmsForTheForest.org. #Filmsfortheforest2014

photo credit: Hadi Zaher via photopin cc