Written by Rachel Veroff | March 7, 2014

Experience CATALIN, the art of Charles Long - Photograph by Ben Aqua

Join us tonight at 5pm at the Contemporary Austin to experience CATALIN, the transformative artwork of Charles Long, and hear from the inspiration behind the exhibit, ecologist and “dark ecology” theorist Timothy Morton.

CATALIN is a mysterious and haunting space, a hybrid environment of sculpture, film, music and theatre. The installation borrows its title from an early form of plastic material, developed from formaldehyde in the 1930’s, which was ultimately discovered to be toxic. The piece is a commentary about our culture’s relationship to nature and to objects.

We are also excited to present guest speaker Timothy Morton, professor at Rice University. Morton's writings about “dark ecology”, object-oriented philosophy, and the inevitable demise of our environment and resources have been a major source of inspiration for this exhibition.

Morton will also be signing his latest book, Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology After the End of the World. His philosophical work tackles such questions as how to move away from our culture’s predominant mode of thinking, in which we view nature as an object only.

Photograph by Ben Aqua