Written by Julie Yost | March 11, 2014

Light Field courtesy of Windmill Factory

We are proud to showcase a variety of LED art and sound installations at the second-ever in this year's SXSW Eco Light Garden. Free to the public, the Light Garden is open nightly at Republic Square Park at 4th and Guadalupe. Swing by to experience these interactive works of art and discover the creative potential of LEDs.

  • The Luminescent Grand, curated in collaboration with Clever Maven, is the world's first ever interactive LED grand piano. Using Arduino software, Neon Total Control lighting, and an all-acrylic digital grand piano, this creation is unlike any piano you've ever played.

  • The Cathedral of Mathgic is a sound and multi-touch interactive installation that contains the world’s largest Frabjous, a famous polyhedron shape comprised of 30 identical pieces which come together to create 20 points with 12 sides.

  • Inspired by the concept of “Future Living Machinery,” Fractoid 2.2 is the world’s largest kinetic, interactive, projection-mapped sculpture. The sculpture relies on participants to interact with the control panel, playing a series of touch games to ‘unlock’ the next level. Each new level launches Fractoid 2.2 into motion, evolving to the next phase of the design.

  • The Light Field is a floating pixel forest made from one hundred wirelessly controlled LED balloons. Visitors are invited to pass through a grove of balloons, manipulating the color and speed of the Light Field, and transforming the visual landscape.

Other works at the Light Garden include the piece unveiled by Amsterdam tape artist Max Zorn at the SXSW Eco Launch Party. Stop by Republic Square Park after dusk to interact with all of these incredible pieces. The SXSW Eco Light Garden will be open nightly through Saturday, March 15.

The Light Field courtesy of Windmill Factory