Written by Julie Yost | March 25, 2014

Chromatic Confluence by Thoughtbarn

Public space design is a hugely important part of making our cities and communities livable and (as a result) ultimately more sustainable. Once the realm of professional designers, public spaces have been transformed over the past decades by artists, community groups and unlikely candidates through a new trend of citizen-spurred placemaking titled tactical urbanism.

Tactical Urbanism (TU) is loosely defined as inexpensive, individual projects that make small places more lively and enjoyable, and was coined in part by 2013 Place by Design juror Mike Lydon of The Street Plans Collaborative. Place by Design (PXD), our public space design competition, was proud to highlight both professional and tactical urbanist submissions in 2013, and we look forward to more types of exciting and novel projects for this year. The competition is open to any project that has a positive transformative impact on public space, and includes temporary and permanent projects as well as digital applications. View last year's PXD finalists here, and read more about the application and submit your work here. Don't delay! The deadline for applications is June 20.

Photo of 2013 PXD entry "Chromatic Confluence" courtesy of Thoughtbarn