Written by Rachel Veroff | February 25, 2014

Big Data has the power to transform corporate sustainability - Photo by David RackleyWhat can big data do for sustainability? We know that big data enables businesses to streamline their marketing strategies, increase profits and maximize efficiency. The next step is to apply these tactics to other kinds of datasets, especially datasets about sustainability, energy consumption, and resource management.

Last week's podcast from the Guardian Sustainable Business addresses a lot of pertinent questions about big data and sustainability. For example, what incentives are there for the private sector to pursue targeted solutions in sustainability with the same vigor that it pursues solutions in revenue increase?

Global Forest Watch is a visually striking example of the power of big data to illuminate complex issues in a manner that is useful both for businesses and concerned citizens. Officially launched last week, this project was introduced at SXSW Eco 2013 by Nigel Sizer of the World Resources Institute, and is a great example of the big data innovations we like to explore.

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Photo by David Rackley