Written by Rachel Veroff | February 19, 2014

Vancouver launched a program to recycle cigarette butts - Photo by Head of Vancouver // Fliickr Hey there, British Columbia. Vancouver has recently launched an initiative to recycle cigarette butts, making it the first city in North America to attempt such a program.

Butt Bins have been installed across the city, making it easier for people to dispose of their cigarette waste responsibly. The city has already collected over 10,000 pounds of butts, which will be compacted into plastic lumber and plastic pallets!

For 2014, we're interested in hearing more about these kinds of projects and other innovations in behavior change. Even the simplest habits and behaviors of people in our communities can have a major collective impact on the environment, so how do we encourage everyday citizens to recycle more and waste less?

This question has inspired creative solutions from many different disciplines, from education, to medicine and neuroscience, to incentive schemes that promote community involvement. What we want to know is: what are smart designers, urban planners, and social entrepreneurs doing to promote responsible behavior in our urban spaces? Did you create a new app that helps people locate recycling centers in their area? We want to hear about it. Did you start a grassroots bicycle revolution? We want to hear about it!

Tell us what you think about Vancouver's Butt Bin project on Facebook and Twitter. I think it kicks butt.

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Photo courtesy of Head on Vancouver via photopin cc