2014 SXSW Eco Startup Showcase Winners - Photos by Amanda Stronza

The Startup Showcase is a place of discovery for the latest innovations in cleantech and social impact. Over the past four years, over 150 companies have presented at the conference via the Startup Showcase, and collectively those companies have gone on to raise over $35M in funding. Selected by our Advisory Board from hundreds of applicants, these companies offer the most promising solutions to the challenges facing society and the environment.

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2014 SPRINGBOARD (Early Stage)



2014 Greentech

PAX Pure, Inc. (San Rafael, CA) — Pitch Video — Thermal water purification
Picasolar (Fayetteville, AR) — Pitch Video — Solar at higher efficiencies with less silver

HEVO Power (New York, NY) — Pitch Video — Wireless charging for electric vehicles
Photon8, Inc. (Corpus Christi, TX) — Pitch Video — Sustainable food and fuel from algae
SiNode Systems (Chicago, IL) — Pitch Video — Next-gen of lithium-ion batteries
Skyven Technologies (Dallas, TX) — Pitch Video — Most efficient rooftop solar. Ever.
Watershed Materials (Austin, TX) — Pitch Video — Naturally reducing masonry’s carbon footprint.
Wetzel Blade (Austin, TX) — Pitch Video — Innovative solutions for wind turbine rotor blades

e-Chromic Technologies (Boulder, CO) — Pitch Video — Transform your ordinary windows into smart windows
Green Edge Technologies (San Diego, CA) — Pitch Video — Making Every Home A Smart Home
Smart Farm (Nicholasville, KY) — Pitch Video — Remote crop monitoring and irrigation control
Ventana Inc. (Foster City, CA) — Waste plastics to petroleum fuels

2014 Cleanweb

Lagoon (Cincinnati, OH) — Pitch Video — Sensor-driven smart water use for your home

Comm-N-Sense Corp. (Gainesville, FL) — Truth in transit
CrowdComfort (Somerville, MA) — Pitch Video — Leveraging the human sensor network
Curb (Austin, TX) — Pitch Video — Real-time home energy monitoring
Digital H2O (Chicago, IL) — Insight and solutions for digital oilfield water management
Gridmates (Austin, TX) — Pitch Video — A peer-to-peer energy sharing platform
Measurabl (San Diego, CA) — Pitch Video — Sustainability reporting, simplified
Valor Water Analytics (San Francisco, CA) — Pitch Video — Utility tools for a resilient water future

Oroeco (San Francisco, CA) — Pitch Video — Vote with your wallet to live your values

2014 Social Impact, For-Profit

Drinkwell (Boston, MA) — Pitch Video — Transforming the global water crisis by blending filtration tech and a franchise business model

Do Amore Rings (Houston, TX) — Pitch Video — Share the love — every ring gives two people clean water, for life.
Elequa (San Antonio, TX) — Pitch Video — Sustainable water treatment technology for developing communities and disaster relief
Harbor Biometrics (Boston, MA) — Pitch Video — Mobile biometric-based ID platform
Spend Consciously (Washington, D.C.) — Pitch Video — The nutrition label for your conscious
Emergence BioEnergy Inc. (Cambridge, MA) — Pitch Video — Reliable Power, anywhere from agricultural waste
Underground Network (Glendale, CA) — Pitch Video — Giving youth the power to take back governmental control through smartphones
Wilding & Co (Queenstown, New Zealand) — Pitch Video — Harvest invasive pine and distilling the world’s finest essential oil

Accompany (New York, NY) — Pitch Video — Stylish products from rural artisans, fair trade workshops and humanitarian NGOs
GiveGab (Ithaca, NY) — Pitch Video — The volunteering network
Half United (Wilmington, NC) — Pitch Video — Fashion that feeds
Naadam Cashmere (New York, NY) — Pitch Video — Farm-to-table in luxury fashion

2014 Social Impact, Not-For-Profit

Open Water FoundationPitch Video — An open source software platform to help organizations make better decisions about water

Accountability Lab (Washington, D.C.) — Pitch Video — Empowering citizens to build tools for integrity and anti-corruption
Ecosia (Berlin, Germany) — Pitch Video — The search engine that plants trees when you search the web
Kula Project (Marietta, GA) — Pitch Video — Investing in small-scale farmers to create sustainable communities
ORGANIZE (New York, NY) — Pitch Video — Using tech to end the organ shortage and save lives
pAge Drinking Paper (Pittsburg, PA) — Pitch Video — Creating paper to clean drinking water
Pollinate Energy (Carlton, Australia) — Pitch Video — Empowering Indian entrepreneurs
The Urban Death Project (Seattle, WA) — Eventually, I'll be a lemon tree.

Green Impact Campaign (Arlington, VA) — Pitch Video — Using cloud-based tools and student volunteers to reduce emissions
SmallSmall / Global Latrine (Dallas, TX) — Pitch Video — Affordable and environmentally safe latrines for developing countries

2014 Springboard (Early Stage Companies)

Black Pine Engineering — Pitch Video — Enabling low-cost, clean energy generation
Blue ImpactPitch Video — Change how the world produces mushrooms
Everywhere Energy — Be your own battery
H2diosPitch Video — Extending the renewable energy inventory
JUSTPitch Video — Transparency in fashion supply chains
Lucelo TechnologiesPitch Video — Printed portable power
lumenomicsPitch Video — Maximize natural light
Nu Promethean Technologies — Using DNA to make graphene electronics
PACIFICOPitch Video — Resilience solutions for disaster risk reduction
renooblePitch Video — Data geeks driving the solar energy revolution
Resilient Modular Systems [RMS]Pitch Video — Innovating modular building systems for the future
SE RisingPitch Video — Creating a better world through ethical sourcing
SharePitch Video — Give back with every purchase
SilextaPitch Video — Nanotechnology for energy storage
Totus Power — Powering education, powering dreams
WiseWater — Responsible consumption

2013 Greentech

Blue River Technology (Sunnyvale, CA) — Pitch Video — Robotics for agriculture
New Sky Energy (Boulder, CO) — Pitch Video — Smart chemistry for a cooler planet

AdBm Technologies (Austin, TX) — Pitch Video — Underwater noise control
California Safe Soil (West Sacramento, CA) — Pitch Video — Sustainable fertilizer
Enervee (Venice, CA) — Pitch Video — Find the most energy efficient appliances and electronics available
Green Wizard (Mt Pleasant, SC) — Pitch Video — Green building project management solution
Micro Biotecnologia Aplicada 2 Rios SA de V (Mexico City, Mexico) — Pitch Video — Reduce emissions in agribusiness
Rentricity (New York, NY) — Pitch Video — Creating a smart water grid through in-pipe hydro solutions
SecureWaters Inc. (Tullahoma, TN) — Pitch Video — Detect pollutants in surface waters through sensors
SmarterShade (Chicago, IL) — Pitch Video — Dimmable window systems
Sylvatex Inc. (San Francisco, CA) — Pitch Video — Cleaner, low-carbon blended fuel

2013 Cleanweb

Faraday (Burlington, VT) — Pitch Video — Customer acquisition platform for energy solutions
WaterSmart Software (San Francisco, CA) — Data analytics for water utilities

1Energy Systems (Seattle, WA) — Pitch Video — Software making energy storage simple for utilities
Bandwagon (New York) — Pitch Video — Ridesharing for taxis
Fluitec Wind (Jersey City, NJ) — Pitch Video — Using wind turbine data to slash operating costs
Growing Energy Labs (GELI) (San Francisco, CA) — Pitch Deck — Internet of energy
Used Cardboard Boxes (Los Angeles, CA) — Pitch Video — Quality used moving boxes

2013 Social Impact

Sseko Designs (Portland, OR) — Pitch Video — Women-made fashion accessories from Uganda

Beyonic (Kampala, Uganda) — Pitch Video — Transforming payment systems around the world
librii (Ghana) — Pitch Video— Digitally-enhanced, revenue generating library in Africa
Portapure (Chicago, IL) — Pitch Video — Affordable water treatment products
Team Rubicon (El Segundo, CA) — Pitch Video — Veteran-led disaster response
VOZ Apparel (Brooklyn, NY) — Pitch Video — Artisanal luxury fashion brand with a social mission

2013 Springboard (Early Stage Companies)

Agrarian Freedom Project (Tucson, AZ) — Restoring a conservation land ethic
Ecoscape Solutions (Charlotte, NC) — Smart energy and water conserving solutions
Effortless Energy (Austin, TX) — Making home energy solutions the no-brainer they ought to be
Halfsies (Austin, TX) — Eat less, give more — go halfsies
The Homegrown Revival (Austin, TX) — Food is life, the revival is movement
Mapdwell (Boston, TX) — Work with the sun
Maya Bamboo (Austin, TX) — Sustainable bamboo charcoal
Meshify (Houston, TX ) — The connected-device app engine
Repetual (Austin, TX) — Renewable energy products accessible to everyone
SegUrWay (Austin, TX) — Lean on us
Sembraire (Lima, Peru) — Measure and offset your carbon footprint
Stony Creek Colors (Goodlettsville, TN) — US-grown commercial textile colorants
SynShark (London, UK) — Nature's substitute for scarce resources

2012 Cleantech

PlanetReuse (Kansas City, MO) — Making it as easy to shop online for reclaimed building materials

NuMat Technologies, Inc. (Skokie, IL) — Metal organic frameworks for gas storage and separations applications
Zeta Communities (San Francisco, CA) — Manufacturing modular, net zero single- and multi-family homes

ActualSun (Houston, TX) — Software platform for solar power plants
CEFCO Global Clean Energy (Frisco, TX) — Captures and harvests air pollution from industrial facilities
iLumi Solutions (Plano, TX) — Intelligent lighting controlled wirelessly through a mobile device
Kiverdi, Inc. (Berkeley, CA) — Sustainable oils and chemicals using waste carbon as a feedstock
KleenSpeed Technologies Inc. (Moffett Field, CA) — Lithium battery packs for stationary power, smart grid and EVs
Nexus eWater (Canberra, Australia) — Helping homeowners transform grey water from a waste into a resource
Omni Water Solutions (Austin, TX) — Mobile water systems for water treatment and re-use
Plovgh (Viroqua, WI) — Hyperlocal digital exchange and distribution network for independent farmers
Pvilion (Brooklyn, NY) — Beautiful, lightweight, efficient, and sustainable building structures from flexible solar cells and fabrics
Radiator Labs (Brooklyn, NY) — Low-cost, whole-building radiator retrofit systems
STAXXON LLC (Montclair, NJ) — New shipping container space/slot optimization technology

2014 SXSW Eco Startup Showcase Winners - Photos by Amanda Stronza