SXSW Eco Startup Springboard presented by framergy™

Startup Springboard presented by framergy™ is a pitch event and exhibition spotlighting research and innovation in clean technology and social impact. Designed to launch early stage projects, the Springboard features a range of developments from university technologies to recently announced companies. The event offers exposure to potential investors, strategic partners and media outlets that can propel concepts from idea to commercialization. Connect with us on Twitter and Instagram by using #SXSWEcoStartup.

View the 2014 Startup Springboard Official Selections and Alternates below.


2014 Official Selections

Black Pine Engineering

Black Pine Engineering

Enabling low-cost clean energy generation | East Lansing, MI

BPE’s Woven Wheel turbomachinery technology is poised to break down the high capital cost barrier typically associated with clean energy generation.

Blue Impact

Blue Impact

Change how the world produces mushrooms | Singapore

A sustainable mushroom production ecosystem, with a management app to democratize the technology.

Everywhere Energy

Everywhere Energy

Be your own battery | Austin, TX

Everywhere Energy is a sustainable energy company dedicated to developing and commercializing self-energizing power solutions.



Extending the renewable energy inventory | London, UK

H2dios’ solid oxide reversible fuel cell technology can sustain steam electrolysis, ideal for renewable generation of clean hydrogen energy.



JUST is transparency in fashion supply chains. | New York, NY

JUST connects designers, consumers and ethical suppliers using technology to tell the stories behind clothing and create positive impact.


Lucelo Technologies

Printed portable power | Austin, TX

Our mission is to turn every day plastic, paper, and fabric into readily accessible power with flexible, lightweight, printable solar cells.



Maximize natural light | Seattle, WA

lumenomics is a full service provider for companies looking to upgrade their legacy lighting with innovative natural lighting alternatives.

Nu Promethian

Nu Promethean Technologies

Using DNA to make Graphene Electronics
Facebook page | Frazier Park, CA



Resilience solutions for disaster risk reduction | Mexico

PACIFICO provides creative solutions to make communities affected by disasters more resilient.



Data geeks driving the solar energy revolution | Houston, TX

Renooble builds algorithms to find the best buildings, climate, and customers for solar energy.


Resilient Modular Systems [RMS]

Innovating modular building systems for the future | Boston

Resilient Modular Systems [RMS] seeks to be a leader in innovative and sustainable modular components for the building industry in emerging markets.

SE Rising

SE Rising

Creating a better world through ethical sourcing | Austin, TX

The first B2B online marketplace for connecting business buyers with sellers of sustainable and ethical products and services.



Give back with every purchase. | Austin, TX

Share is an Austin-based startup building a credit card platform that enables cardholders to fund their favorite charities with every purchase.



Nanotechnology for energy storage | Austin, TX

Silexta has developed a novel technology to produce high capacity lithium ion battery anodes based on nano-structured silicon.

Totus Power

Totus Power

Powering Education, Powering Dreams | Mountain View, CA

Totus Power is developing portable battery packs for low cost schools in developing countries by reusing lithium ion batteries from electric vehicles

Wise Water


Responsible Consumption | Brooklyn, NY

WiseWater’s step-change technology provides real-time data and the ability to easily stop water while in the shower, saving water and utility costs.


Cold Futures

A hedge fund inside your thermostat | Chicago, IL,

Electricity is the most volatile of all commodities – yet nobody even checks the price. Cold Futures buys electricity when it's cheap and green.

Introspective Power

Introspective Power, Inc.

A Secure Cloud Solution to Distributed Operations. | Broomfield, CO

Introspective Power Inc. has developed a secure, cloud solution that increases the use of renewables by balancing power near real time.

Christopher Romer - Startup Springboard Emcee

Springboard Emcee – Christopher Romer

Founder of ORRO.CO

Christopher is the founder of ORRO.CO, a company developing technology startups in Europe based on the idea that creativity will insure a sustainable future for coming generations. He hosted and moderated a main event for the UNEP's 2013 World Environment Day in Mongolia, featuring the grand opening of the country's first Wind Park. He holds a BA from Middlebury College and an MBA from CEIBS Shanghai, where he was awarded "Alumni of the Year Award" in 2013.