SXSW Eco Advisory Board - Ana Calhoun
Communications Director | Overland Partners Architects

Ana Calhoun, Assoc. AIA, LEED Green Assoc., is the Communications Director for Overland Partners Architects in San Antonio, Texas. As an undergraduate in Letters at the University of Oklahoma, Ana studied a wide range of topics including classical literature in its original text, the history and philosophy of religion, and bioethics. Between degrees she traveled widely, working in Scotland, Japan, and Australia as a project manager for an environmental education program, as an ESL instructor, and as a grape picker. These experiences developed her interest in architecture and its relationship within the fields of psychology, sociology, and sustainability.

While completing her master’s degree in architecture at the University of Texas at Austin, Ana studied sociotechnical systems as they relate to the built environment and worked as an editor for eight academic books and publications on architecture. She finds inspiration in cross-disciplinary research, seeking connections to seemingly unrelated topics in order to gain a deeper understanding of the human condition. At Overland Partners, Ana continues to explore her dual passions for the written word and the built environment.