Artist & Composer + Senior Designer | Google

Oliver Blank is an English artist, designer, and composer. His artwork brings a sense of wonder to our public spaces and his design projects focus on the prevention of suffering.Connecting people through sound and semi-fictional narratives, Oliver's artwork coaxes his audience out of the quotidian and into unforgettable experiences that instill a shared romance and heightened sense of place. Past installations include fabricating a fake bureau dedicated to fictionalising a city’s history, composing orchestral music for long forgotten buildings, and generating a sonic wildlife habitat in the centre of an Italian city.Oliver makes things and leads projects at, the philanthropic arm of Google. In the past he has made things for Marvel Comics, EA, Lego, Nokia, HP, and many others. Oliver loves making things: civic things for nonprofits, cloud-based things for developing countries, thoughtful things for museums, useful things for communities during hurricanes.Oliver gives public talks about humanitarian design, designing within extreme constraints, and how our public spaces and communities should be more romantic. You may have caught him on the BBC, The New York Times, or CNN. Oliver’s artwork has appeared at venues including Tate Gallery, London's Design Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum.*

Over the years Oliver has called Helsinki, London, Manchester, and New Orleans home. Today he lives in San Francisco.