SXSW Eco Advisory Board - Mary Bledsoe
Studio Director/Design Director | Gensler Austin

Mary is Gensler Austin’s Studio Director/Design Director, with over 25 years of professional design experience and leadership. Prior to Gensler, Mary’s career has included interior design leadership, and business development roles. Mary began her career in high-end retail design, transitioning to corporate interiors in the late nineties. She has since completed a wide range of project types for clients in the technology, retail, hospitality, higher education, and professional services industries.

Mary approaches interior design with a belief that the most meaningful client solutions arise out of a deliberate and thoughtful intersection of the artistic and the functional. She believes in creating spaces that are useful and purposeful, while recognizing that weaving in inspiration and beauty is what separates good design from great design. At Gensler, Mary’s has built a multidisciplinary studio focused on the occupant experience and the creation of agile, flexible spaces that are a reflection of the unique brand and culture of the organizations they support.