SXSW Eco Advisory Board - Eric Pieper
Founder | Homestead Design + Branding

Throughout his career as a branding specialist, Eric Pieper has focused on elevating companies that strive to create positive change in the world. By choosing to work with causes that he believes in, he has developed a keen insight for how to identify and market the simple truths behind a good idea. This skill was particularly honed during the five years he spent working at TOMS as an art director and designer – helping to drive the early look and voice of the now iconic brand, and forever changing the way he thinks about the intersection of business and his own craft.

Eric has recently moved to Asheville, NC to re-connect with nature and to launch Homestead, his own design and branding studio. He also continues to serve as a consultant to Preacher, an Austin-based creative agency, and is a partner at a.Kartel Public Service, a new like-minded design team in Los Angeles.