Sustainability - Photo by Merrick Ales

SXSW Eco is part of the SXSW LLC family which is a varied and elaborate production that encompasses conventions, trade shows, music and film festivals and various marketing platforms. As a corporation, SXSW believes in the benefits of responsible corporate citizenship and recognizes that environmental issues are an important measuring stick that distinguishes one event from another. 
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SXSW LLC acknowledges and takes responsibility for our environmental impacts. We work hard to demonstrate leadership in our efforts to integrate principles of environmental sustainability into our organizational practices. By promoting awareness of the environmental impact that our actions have within our corporate culture, we hope to find solutions that limit, and minimize, the environmental effects of our operations and events.

To view a complete version of the SXSW Environmental Policy click here.

Sustainability at SXSW Eco 2013 by Merrick Ales