SXSW Eco is a part of SXSW LLC, a production company producing varied and elaborate conferences, trade shows, music and film festivals and marketing platforms. As a corporation, SXSW believes in the benefits of responsible corporate citizenship and recognizes that environmental issues are an important factor that distinguishes one event from another. 
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SXSW acknowledges and takes responsibility for it’s environmental impacts. The company works hard to demonstrate leadership in it’s efforts to integrate principles of environmental sustainability into organizational practices. By promoting awareness of the environmental impact that these actions have within the corporate culture, SXSW seeks solutions that limit and minimize the environmental effects of the operations and events.

SXSW Eco operates with sustainability in mind, and as a platform for ideas, is always open to a discussion about policies and practices. Please contact if you have suggestions or comments to share.

To view a complete version of the SXSW Environmental Policy click here.

Green Mountain Energy Company - Our Official Carbon Offset Provider

Green Mountain Energy

We are celebrating our 5-year anniversary with Green Mountain Energy Company! They have been, exclusively, our official carbon offset provider for the event since our inception in 2011 – allowing us to offset the estimated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions created by attendee travel to and from the event. Whether it’s buses, trains, planes or automobiles used by our attendees, Green Mountain will ensure enough carbon offsets are sourced to balance out those emissions. Once the event has concluded and CO2 emissions have been calculated, Green Mountain will work its eco-magic to ensure we keep our commitment to sustainability and reduce our impact on the environment.

About Green Mountain Energy Company:
Green Mountain Energy Company is a retail electricity provider on a mission to change the way power is made by offering consumers the choice of clean energy. It is the nation’s longest-serving renewable energy retailer, and to date, its customers have avoided almost 37.7 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s equivalent to: Taking 3.6 million cars off the road for a year; 21.7 million households turning off their lights for a year; Planting 4.5 million trees.

Green Mountain is giving consumers the power to choose how their electricity is generated with a commitment to cleaner energy from renewable resources.

Learn more about our partnership with Green Mountain Energy Company and the green they add to SXSW Eco here »